Jobs we see on a visit to the veterinarian.

Vet techs perform many of the jobs we see on a visit to the veterinarian. They assess a dogs weight, administer vaccinations and other drugs, even draw blood if needed. For serious operation and other processes, theyre at the veterinarians side, putting catheters, giving anesthesia, and providing another support the veterinarian needs. Pretty much the only things they cant do for the dog is diagnose, prescribe drugs, or perform operation.

As with any occupation, its not all glitz and glamor. Vet tech are also those who must clean the kennels, feed any inpatients, answer the telephones, and do paperwork. But these arent only office workers who answered an advertisement; theyve gone to school, and gotten the instruction and certification they must ensure that the creatures they see get the extreme care and consideration.

An Excellent Profession
Most reports weve seen concur that being a veterinary technician is a secure career selection, with room for increase and an adequate wages. Anyone considering this type of career should be comfortable with science and have great people skills, along with an appreciation of creatures. Take into account, however, that because of the typical lifespan of our pets, the vet tech sees lots of heartache at work, also.

So the following time you visit your veterinarian, say an additional thank you to the vet techs you see.