Is it Normal to Keep a Dog in a Playpen?

It is perfectly normal to keep your dog in a playpen given that they are not locked within those confines all the time. The playpen is the place where your dog gets to stay when you cannot provide your attention to them, but at the same time give more space for them to wander around that the crate cannot provide. This will prevent the dog from getting into the potty and chewing accidents, and it will also teach your pooch to be alone. The reason why you need to have a dog playpen is that you want to train them how to behave inside the house and that they can be left alone inside the house.

Isn’t confinement too strict?

Confinement is not too strict at all. It is best that you start your pooch training at their early years so that they will get used to it. Most households give their new pup the freedom right away. And when they get into an accident, such as chews, scratches or pooping on the carpet and any other furniture, they are directly sent to the pen and confine him; then it becomes their punishment. This is not the way to train a dog to be confined in a playpen. It should be associated with a place where they can play freely and be relaxed. It is also where they are trained to wait while their owner is away doing something busy. It is because of this reason that they have to start early training with the playpen so that it will become a safe place for them at the start.

Setting up the playpen area

The ideal area where you should place the playpen is where it will be easy to clean and close it off with a baby gate or a door. It should be a place where it is free from furniture and any other objects that are not something for the dog to play with. The best places in your house to turn into a playpen are the bathroom, laundry room, kitchen or any other spare room that is not away from the household. You can also buy an “exercise pen” for your dog, which is a wire or plastic folding type of playpen that can easily be assembled in any room you place it into.

Prepping the playpen area

Furnish the playpen area with either create or a bed – something that your dog is comfortable sleep on such as a soft pillow, a couple of toys and a water bowl. You should also include a chew toy, Kong stuffed with some of the meal of your dog and his favorite bone. Make sure that you turn this area the only place where your dog gets to have these items easily.

It will take a while to make your dog get used to the playpen area, but train them with the chew toys and other dog related stuff will help them get used to it. It will take a while, but with patience, they will come to love the playpen area. For more dog playpen tips and reviews, check out Lots of our readers have purchased a dog playpen through there and love it.